What is Perforce? Perforce is a centralized verson control system (i.e. there is only one central location of the project – depot). Why Perforce? Perforce handles massive projects efficiently. Instead of creating a hash for the entire project (i.e. what git does) Perforce only does this for the files you’d like changed. This makes it

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Background In August 2017, I had been dating my girlfriend for over 9 years (indeed, we were dating since high school). I was ready to ask the big question, but I wanted to do something meaningful… so I built a game to help me! I had put off writing this blog post since then as

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Multiple Web Apps on One Server

Background I wanted to move away from my previous web hosting company and wanted to try hosting my websites and web apps using a Digitial Ocean droplet instead. The tricky part was how do I use one virtual private server (VPS), to host the following: Personal website Blog ownCloud/private cloud storage Any future website/web app

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Simple Web API & Client

Background The language of the web is JavaScript and being fluent in it will only come with practice. Majority of my background has been in the gaming realm and mainly focused around Unity and C# building prototypes with no restrictions in mind. However, in the web world, one doesn’t have all the resources compared to

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