Unity Collisions

The aim of this post is to summarize: What’s required for collisions in Unity How to setup some basic collision detection When OnTrigger and OnCollision are called and when they aren’t What’s required for collision to occur? For collisions to be detected by Unity, there are 2 components that are of particular importance: 1. Rigidbody

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Coroutines When working in Unity and you find yourself asking the following questions: How can I make sure task A finishes before I can do [task B]? How do I delay a method by X seconds? How can I wait for a condition to be met before continuing? How can I wait for a response

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Background In August 2017, I had been dating my girlfriend for over 9 years (indeed, we were dating since high school). I was ready to ask the big question, but I wanted to do something meaningful… so I built a game to help me! I had put off writing this blog post since then as

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