Copy files to/from an Android Device using adb

Copy from an Android Device

I recently wanted to copy a file from an Android device using a command line because I couldn’t get Android File Transfer to work on macOS.
Using adb you can do this easily!

1. Locate your Android platform-tools directory. Usually this is where you store your Android SDK.

2. You may need to start adb server:

* adb devices
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5017
* daemon started successfully
List of devices attached
574d312345483498 device

3. Example: Copy IMG_9363.jpg from my phone’s SD card, run this command:

adb pull /sdcard/Download/IMG_9363.jpg
/sdcard/Download/IMG_9363.jpg: 1 file pulled, 0 skipped. 34.0 MB/s (14945785 bytes in 0.419s)

* If you’re not sure where the file is exactly, you can run adb shell and cd to the directory you’d like to find the file you want to copy.

Copy to an Android Device

adb push CopyMeToAndroidDevice.jpg /sdcard/Download/
CopyMeToAndroidDevice.jpg: 1 file pushed, 0 skipped. 32.2 MB/s (14945785 bytes in 0.443s)