Red Oak Tabletop

In this post I share how I built a 27″ x 84″ (7ft) tabletop using Red Oak for a friend of mine. Background During the pandemic, working-from-home became the way of life for many, including myself. Sitting for extended hours was not great, so I purchased a motorized sit/stand desk. This excluded the tabletop and […]

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Homelab v3

Background As a kid, I’ve always loved the idea of having a “server” at home – even if I couldn’t justify the electricity cost 🙂 The idea behind a “Homelab” is essentially being able to have one or many networked devices (such as computers and servers) which run software at home. Some common use cases:

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Background In August 2017, I had been dating my girlfriend for over 9 years (indeed, we were dating since high school). I was ready to ask the big question, but I wanted to do something meaningful… so I built a game to help me! I had put off writing this blog post since then as

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3D Printed Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Props

Background The year-end function for the company I work for was Comic-con themed. Since I recently bought a 3D printer (Anet A8), I was looking for something that I could print to instead of buying/hiring a costume. Fortunately, Thingiverse user “youngs66” made an (incredible design)[] of the Star Lord helmet from the popular movie Guardians of

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